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System requirements

Analysis of patents with many chemical structures can take up
a considerable amount of RAM, 1GB or more is recommended.

All modern desktop computers and mobile devices are supported.

All modern operating systems are supported including


Windows XP, Windows 2000, Vista, 7, 8.x, 10
Windows RT
Android 4+
iOS 8.4, 9+


You can use Cippix with your favourite internet browser:


we recommend
Mozilla Firefox versions: all through 64.x

we also support
Internet Explorer versions: IE9 through IE11
Microsoft Edge
Chrome: all through 62.x
Safari: 6.x, through 12.x
Opera: 23.x+


Cippix does not require Java. No special software installation is required.

Cippix sets a cookie with a session id to enable the chemical drawing. 

Communication with other software is managed via
the clipboard. You can copy and paste chemical structures,
names, queries and patent sections.

Cippix uses platform-independent certified SSL-encrypted
web based access via https.