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The chemical patent universe at your hands

Cippix Navigator combines exact structure search, substructure search, and state-of-the-art similarity searches with fulltext and bibliographic document search. With our user-friendly, intuitive, web-based interface you can browse efficiently through the whole chemistry-related industry-relevant knowledge from the past through now.


Unique combination of Document and Chemical Structure Analysis

Cippix Navigator combines all search strategies to provide ranking of most important patent documents and most relevant chemical structures in one. Resulting documents can be ranked according to their keyword relevance (frequency), the total number of unique chemical entities in each document, or the number of your selected chemical structures occurring in each document. Chemical Structure Search can be restricted to patent document subsets you can freely define.


Intelligent Tag Clouds condense hundreds of pages of thousands of documents into the most specific terms

Intelligent Tag Clouds use the textual information of the documents that match your query in two ways. The entire Full Text of each document is analysed to produce Tag Clouds representing the most important facts of each document and all documents together. The user-defined keywords are used to generate text snippets from the Full Text plus context-specific Intelligent Tag Clouds.


Easy and complex Keyword Search with Patent Family Consolidation

Cippix Navigator identifies patents matching your keyword query. You are free to define complex queries with logical operators and wildcards. In extension, you can search the categories of the bibliography to identify patents by patent numbers, inventors, applicants, priorities, etc. Priorities are used to perform a one-click patent consolidation to remove redundancy.


Powerful IUPAC, USAN, INN, Trivial, and Trade Name Search

Cippix Navigator allows you to search for chemical names in exact mode. Cippix Navigator name similarity search allows search for similar names; which reveals alternative spellings and even misspelled names. This way, Cippix Navigator can propose tentative structures for misspelled chemical names that are correct in over 85% of the cases.


Powerful Chemical Substructure, Similarity and Fragment Search

Cippix Navigator performs exact structure and substructure search on the whole chemical content of the patent universe. Cippix Navigator provides advanced substructure search features like advanced query atoms, flexible query bond types, fragment superstructures and even R-groups and Markush search.

Cippix Navigator structure similarity search allows search for similar structures; which reveals chemical structures with slight modifications in ring systems, ring sizes, hetero atoms, bond types, chain length, tautomeric or salt forms or combinations thereof. Resulting chemical structures are ranked according to their relevance.

Cippix Navigator provides methods perfectly suited for Fragment Based Drug Discovery. Search the whole patent collection for compounds that contain the combination of fragments you have discovered or even bioisosters thereof in lead compounds.


Chemical Ontologies reveal Similar Documents

Cippix Navigator makes searching for Similar Documents easy. The chemical content of a document is compared to the entire chemical content of the Cippix Database to identify and rank documents containing similar chemical entities. This way, related documents of the same company or competitors can be easily identified - independent of and beyond INPADOC patent families just based on the chemical facts.


Easy patent reading with Cippix View - Full Text and Structures in one

All chemical structures of the Cippix Database are linked back to all documents and locations they were extracted from. You can jump from Cippix Navigator into the fulltext sections with just one click.

Cippix View shows the original fulltext with annotated chemical entities plus their chemical structures in one. Mouse-over-text reveals chemical structures for chemical names in the document. All chemical structures of the document are listed in a chemical index; which allows you to jump to the relevant text sections by a mouse click. Trivial chemical entities can be hided automatically to focus the user on the unique chemical content.


Most up-to-date, most comprehensive patent coverage

Cippix Database covers all published patent applications and granted patent from AT, AU, BE, CA, CH, CN, CZ, DD, DE, DK, EP, ES, FI, FR, GB, IN, JP, KR, LU, NL, RU, SK, SU, US, and WO since 1970, plus the corresponding English machine translations. Cippix Database is updated with approximately 1.000.000 documents on a weekly basis.

Our automated Chemical Content Recognition identifies named chemical entities in the fulltext, performs name-healing, and converts the chemical names into chemical structures.

Almost all chemical entities are uncovered, processed and stored in Cippix Database with a reference to the exact location(s) in the source document(s).

Cippix Database contains, thus, all sorts of chemicals: drugs, small molecules, polymers, natural products, dyes, peptides, starting materials, key intermediates, solvents, R-groups, radicals, catalysts, and more.


Get original PDF documents

Original patent documents can be downloaded from esp@cenet. Different versions in different languages can be obtained there. Cippix provides a direct link to the corresponding patent family and searchable PDFs for most of the documents.


Share your results

Yes, share your results! Cippix is an open system. Cippix encourages you to use and post-process the research results you have obtained and to make it part of your project workflow.

Export the compounds you find interesting in a useful format and forward them to your Molecular Modelling department for further property analyses, protein -ligand docking or QSAR model building.

You can generate concise expert reports with patent and structure information fully automatically. Share them with your project team, your collaborators and clients. High-quality printout versions are available in PDF format.

Create and export patent lists of interest for post-processing with your established in-house solutions.