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The Cippix Patent Search Report Creator allows you to generate comprehensive reports by combining your current Keyword and Chemical Search results. Cippix Patent Search Report Creator automatically associates all substances with all patent documents and creates a report with bibliographic information, patent abstract, full text search snippets, and annotated full text snippets containing the selected compounds. With three mouse clicks you produce a comprehensive research report that can be downloaded in high-quality PDF format to be shared, indexed, printed, and read offline.

All Chemical Search Results can be exported in different formats. You can export computer readable formats like SMILES, sdf and INCHI for storage and post-processing of your research results. Moreover depicted structures together with patent numbers and original names can be exported in high-quality pdf-format.

The Keyword Search results can also be exported in different formats. You can easily export non-redundant lists of patent numbers for post-processing purposes with your established in-house solutions or batch downloads. You can export the patent information - patent number, kind code, priorities, title, inventor(s), applicant(s), abstract and snippets in high-quality pdf-format. Moreover additional information on the number of recognized chemical entities (Cippix Score) and specific hits (Hit Score) are included to rank the patents by their importance.

All reports contain a title page summarizing the content of the report, your user name and the date of report generation and a front page for every patent with the bibliographic data, most representative compounds, and adaptive tag cloud. Please click on the report icons to download pdf-samples.