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One size does not fit all

We offer Cippix for single users, groups, and sites. In addition to Cippix Navigator, a range of special solutions is available for compound visualization, compound design and property prediction, prediction of molecular and disease targets, IP collision detection, patent writing, and more. 

Our sales team will provide the solutions and license model that suit your workflow and needs best. Contact us here

We have closed our webshop to meet the diverse demands of our clients - biologists, bench chemists, IP professionals, information specialists, data scientists, and academic researches.

Flat fee, no restraints, search as much as you like

Cippix has a simple licensing model. We pose no restriction to the number of searches. You can execute as many queries as you wish. Also, Cippix encourages you to export relevant compounds structures or document information and to use such data in your research. Moreover, the number of reports you can generate with Cippix is unlimited.

One license enables Cippix Desktop plus Cippix Mobile

The license you purchase grants you access to both web based access from your Desktop and mobile devices.

You may also be eligible for a free trial license of Cippix Desktop. Please feel free to contact us with your specific request.